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Pilot Offroad Basic

Taxi ride (partially ride) in a Cayenne

Program details

Water – 500 mm deep– a mere formality! Boulders, ridges, mud are all no obstacle, because our Porsche Cayenne sets completely new standards. This car effortlessly overcomes steep gradients and slopes and excels in crossing waterways and rough terrain.

We invite you to join in a real Cayenne offroad adventure on our special offroad track in Leipzig. The track is laden with challenges including a 100 m water-filled ditch, an extreme ramp with an 80% gradient and stone steps that the car has to climb. A professional instructor will take you and up to three additional participants along this exciting track and you'll be doing some of the driving yourself!

The offer combines the drive with a factory tour and an exclusive look behind the scenes of the production line of the Panamera and the Macan. For the factory tour you can also bring along a friend (there is no additional charge, but an advanced reservation is required).

Please send us an enquiry to find out whether your preferred date is available.

If you have any questions, send us an email to and we will deal with the matter as quickly as possible.


approx. 3 hours incl. 2 hours factory tour and approx. 15 mins drive time p. p.



Number of participants per vehicle

up to 4 participants

Minimum age

For the factory tour a minimum age of 13 applies.

Additional information

Please note that the factory tours vary due to internal issues and may also take place when production is at a standstill. For their own safety, persons with pacemakers may not take part in the factory tour.

Furthermore, in the event of weather conditions such as storms, heavy rain, ice or snow-covered roads, driving programmes may be cancelled or postponed for safety reasons. The selection of off-road modules driven may vary depending on weather conditions. 

For safety reasons, a secure command of the English language is a prerequisite for participation in the self-drive event. Drivers must be at least 18 years of age and hold a valid driving licence. The rental contract with an excess of 5,000 euros must be signed on site. 

We generally recommend that you wear sturdy shoes for your visit.

Date request

When enquiring for groups of 6 or more participants, please use the 'Date Request' button and we will check availability on your preferred date.


180,00 € p.P.

Vehicle details

The Cayenne isn’t easy to pin down. It is a versatile sports pro with superior driving performance on the road – and off-road too. In short, it is a well-balanced all-rounder with unmistakable sports car genes – a Porsche at its best. Click here for further information.

Price180,00 € p.P.

Fuel Consumption and Emissions

Cayenne Turbo (WLTP)*

14,1 - 13,5

l/100 km

319 - 305


Macan GTS (WLTP)*

11,7 - 11,3

l/100 km

265 - 255


Macan S (WLTP)*

11,7 - 11,1

l/100 km

265 - 251


Cayenne Turbo (WLTP)*

Fuel consumption/Emissions (WLTP)*

Fuel consumption combined* (model range): 14,1 - 13,5 l/100 km

CO₂ emissions combined* (model range): 319 - 305 g/km

Macan GTS (WLTP)*

Fuel consumption/Emissions (WLTP)*

Fuel consumption combined* (model range): 11,7 - 11,3 l/100 km

CO₂ emissions combined* (model range): 265 - 255 g/km

Macan S (WLTP)*

Fuel consumption/Emissions (WLTP)*

Fuel consumption combined* (model range): 11,7 - 11,1 l/100 km

CO₂ emissions combined* (model range): 265 - 251 g/km