The Cup Experience

A special experience

Porsche Leipzig will be closed from 18th July 2020 to 12th August 2020 inclusive due to the summer holidays and building works. During this time it is not possible for guests to visit our facilities. Please note that there will be no events on offer during this period. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Program details

Pure motorsport awaits you on our Cup Experience. Whether with the 911 GT3 Cup, representing the fastest One-Make-Series in the world, or the Cayman GT4 Clubsport, which provides the perfect introduction to the fascinating world of motorsport. The choice is yours. We promise that true racing feeling on the FIA-certified Porsche Circuit in Leipzig.

Your experienced racing instructor will prepare you step by step for the challenges ahead. The briefing is initially held in the road-approved version – the 911 GT3 or the Cayman. During your first laps, you will learn the basics that you can apply when you drive the thoroughbred race car later. For example, tips on efficient braking, accelerating and a highly accurate recognition and implementation of the racing line.

Once well prepared, you will then switch to the race car. Your instructor will give you a detailed briefing so as to familiarise you with the individual controls. Such as the six-point seat belt system or the perfect seat position. Your pro will also demonstrate how to use the sequential six-speed manual transmission and the internally vented racing brake system (steel).

Your heart rate will sour as you experience four unforgettable 15-minute stints. But don’t worry: at your side throughout and linked via intercom, your instructor is there to support and guide you with precision to your goal – your own personal limit. After each stint, your laps can be assessed using data and video analysis. To help you shave off those crucial tenths of a second. And for even more driving pleasure on the race track. Of course, we will record this extraordinary day for you. As a reminder, you will receive all video recordings of your laps in digital form.

And because every racing driver also needs a pit stop, we invite you to a three-course meal in the Customer Centre restaurant and show you the Porsche production processon a factory tour.

You can also call from Monday to Thursday between 8.00 am and 5.00 pm or Friday between 8.00 am and 4.00 pm local time: +49 341 999 - 13588 or fax us: +49 341 999 - 13923.
However, you can contact us at any time by sending an email to and we will deal with the matter as quickly as possible.

Impact of Covid-19 on the experience programs at Porsche Leipzig

Updated status: 22.05.2020

Dear Porsche fans,

we are pleased to inform you that starting on the 25.05.2020 our Customer Centre at Porsche Leipzig will be able to offer a more extensive range of services and will continue to operate in compliance with the necessary hygiene measures.

Our shop is currently open for visitors from Monday to Friday from 11.00 am - 3.00 pm.

The experience  and individual offers are now available and can be booked as well. Due to the limited access to the factory, we are unfortunately not yet able to offer guided tours (without any additional program features). We will keep you informed if any changes occur. The Pole Position Brunch will also be slightly modified (details can be found on the program page). For the Co-Pilot programs, face masks and gloves are mandatory. For the Pilot program only gloves are mandatory. Both will be available for you free of charge.

We will continue to actively and responsibly monitor developments and inform you as soon as any changes occur.

Your Porsche Leipzig Team

ContentsTotal duration approx. 5 hours
Individual driving induction
60 minutes on-road in road-approved version (Cayman or 911 GT3)
Four 15-minute stints in the selected race car
Assessment of data and video analysis
Factory tour
Three-course meal, including drinks
Premium, personalised gift

Participants per vehicle

1 participant
Companion on request
Conditions of participationThe driver must be at least 21 years old and have been in possession of a valid driving licence for three years.

To ensure maximum driving performance, the 911 GT3 Cup and the Cayman GT4 Clubsport are fitted with a new set of Michelin slick tyres (rain tyres if required) before each Cup Experience. Both cars are provided with fully comprehensive insurance. There is an excess of €20,000.

Racing suit, gloves and helmet are all available to hire on the training day.
Consultation and appointment

Mrs. Dajana Menz and Mrs. Susann Altinok will be happy to answer any further questions and make an appointment with you personally at any time:
Tel.: +49 341 999-13621


€5,800 Cayman GT4 Clubsport Experience
€6,800 911 GT3 Cup Experience
€6.800 911 GT2 RS Clubsport

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